InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask Review

I’ve been extremely lucky over the last few months. I’ve had the opportunity to try some great products to review for my blog. I found another winner for both my hair care routine and skin care with two products from InstaNatural.

 My thoughts on InstaNatual Argan Oil Hair Mask conditioner and Argan Oil moisturizer.


Peanuts Exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Library

Last weekend my family and I had the pleasure of attending the opening of the Peanuts Exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock. My kids are HUGE fans of the Peanuts. They love Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang. My son developed a love for the Peanuts after being introduced to the comic books when he was about three years old. He would go to the comic book store with my husband and he would always pick out a Peanuts comic. We now have so many Peanuts comics and books around our house that my two year old has fallen for the Peanuts too. So we were extremely excited to learn about the Peanuts Exhibit at the Clinton Center.


How I Taught My 6 Year Old About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Day!!! I’m so thankful for the efforts of all of the men and women who risked their lives and for those who lost their lives to bring about change during the Civil Rights movement. I can’t even imagine the amount of courage and determination that it took for these wonderful people to press on to ensure that America would be a better place for us all. They are true heroes. (more…)

Kiss Me Organics Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Review

Disclosure: I received a full-size sample of Kiss Me Organics Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder for free for review purposes.

Before applying for this review opportunity I had never heard of green tea powder. I often drink green tea but I knew nothing about matcha green tea powder and all of its wonderful benefits. So let’s explore what it is and why you should drink it. (more…)

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